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Why DPF Need Cleaning?

Diesel engines are built to last. If you rely on a diesel engine that has a diesel particulate filter installed within the exhaust system, then you need to keep a watchful eye over your vehicle. DPFs are used in order to reduce the amount of soot that pollutes the air in our local environments. It’s not surprising that diesel engines have something of a reputation for their smell as well as their noise. Over time, your diesel particulate filter needs to be properly cleaned out to ensure that it continues to operate well.

Reducing emissions from diesel engine the is one of the most important air quality challenges facing the country today. EPA established the National Clean Diesel Campaign (NCDC) to promote diesel emission reduction strategies. NCDC includes regulatory programs to address new diesel engines as well as innovative programs to address the millions of diesel engines already in use.

With DPF Filter is newly designed DPF Cleaning machine, we clean Diesel Particulate filters more thoroughly than ever before. This is the only Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning system on the market that has extreme suction on the outlet side as well as pinpoint accuracy of forced air through the inlet side. We can essure you there is no other DPF cleaning machine on the market that can get a DPF cleaner that ours.

You may need your DPF Filter cleaned for the following reasons:

  • Your manufacturer suggests you to do so.
  • Your exhaust back pressure increases.
  • Your filter goes into regeneration too frequently.
  • Your start losing miles per gallon.
  • You start losing power.

Give us a call! DPF Filter provides our customers with before and after cleaning data, so that you know the DPF has been cleaned properly when it is returned to you.

Our DPF Cleaning Services:

  • Complete DPF, DOC & SCR cleaning.
  • DPF and DOC replacement filters.
  • FREE disposal of broken or damaged filters.
  • Removal and reinstallation of DPF and DOC filters.
  • Every filter we clean includes FREE pickup and
    delivery in a 24 hour turnaround.

DPF Cleaning Process

Looking for the proper procedures on how to clean a diesel particulate filter? Here are the step by step procedures that should be employed to ensure a very clean DPF filter.

  1. The filter element should be removed from the burner.
  2. The filter element should be weigh. List down the weight.
  3. Look over the filter for any sort of dirt and dust accumulation.
  4. Blow filter with a high pressure air.
  5. Look over the filter for any sort of residues of dirt and dust.
  6. At specific temperature, bake in a kiln for about 6-8 hrs.
  7. Remove any ash residue by vacuum.
  8. Look over the filter to make sure that all of the dirt
    and dust were fully removed.
  9. Install the filter to the burner.

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